About Us


TLC PR is:

Passionate. Our entire office celebrates when a client enjoys a great story in the media or reaches a business goal. We are “all in” when it comes to enthusiasm and drive for the benefit of our clients.

Fast and accessible. Contact us 24-7, and we will respond immediately. That goes for our friends in the media as well.

Media savvy. We have remarkably close relationships with the media. A phone call with a creative idea is often all it takes to set a wonderful client story in motion. We are not driven by news releases; instead, we pitch ideas that work for the media and produce results for our clients.

Nimble. We can turn on a dime because we know that change is the only thing you can count on. Our boutique size allows us to empower our team of communications consultants to make decisions that keep programs moving forward, even in game-changing circumstances.

Personal. While we have the capacity to handle large scopes of work, each of our clients enjoys the intimacy and personal relationship of a dedicated team member.

Evolving. We understand the changing landscape of media and have a young, fresh team with expertise in a broad range of communications that transcends traditional media.

Experienced. We enjoy 25 years of creating great media campaigns, spearheading grand openings, nurturing public outreach, and enhancing our clients’ images. The company’s leadership provides direction for a dynamic, creative and results-oriented team.