Visitor Industry

Hawaii Convention Center

When the Hawai‘i Convention Center opened, it was often referred to as “a white elephant.” It was the mission of TLC PR to turn this image around.

Iolani Palace

TLC PR has worked with ‘Iolani Palace since 2000, when we offered pro bono services to assist with marketing and public relations activities. The mission was to build business for the Palace by generating public awareness both locally and in the visitor market.

Makena Resort Rezoning

In 2004, in the face of fierce environmental opposition, Makena Resort Corp.engaged TLC PR to design and implement an aggressive grassroots and media campaign designed to rally support for the rezoning of its property as a part of its master plan and long-term build out.

MVB Maui Loves Kids

TLC PR created and implemented a campaign for the island of Maui that successfully identified and pursued the niche market of family travel.
Initially, the intent of the Maui Visitors Bureau was simply to commission a series of visits by family travel writers. However, we proposed the development of an entire campaign that would label Maui as the “family-friendly” island.

HHV Kalia Tower

The opening of Kalia Tower was a large-scale, multi-level public awareness campaign, requiring extensive strategic planning, client coordination and the involvement of various publics and stakeholders. Four companies were involved in the opening: Hilton Hawaiian Village, Mandara Spa, Bishop Museum and Holistica Hawaii Health Center. Though Hilton was the primary client, it was also necessary to ensure exposure for the other companies both locally and on the national level.

TBR Turtle Bay

In December 2011, just a few months shy of its 40th anniversary, Turtle By Resort launched a comprehensive rebranding campaign unlike any other in its history. As the only resort destination on Oahu’s North Shore, Turtle Bay’s 410 rooms, ocean villas and cottages are uniquely situated 84o acres at the start of the “7-mile miracle” of world-renowned surf and beaches.The area-encompassing 5 miles of pristine oceanfront,lush forests, 12 miles of hiking and biking trails, and agricultural land – is rich in historical significance, long serving as a gathering place for watermen, Hawaiian royalty, surrounding communities and visitors alike.